Nordic Medical Clinic:
Promoting Holistic Health
On Board

The Nordic Medical Clinic, founded in December 2017, provides top-quality pre-employment medical services for seafarers and promotes comprehensive health education for clients and partners. Driven by its vision of fostering a healthy and health-empowered society while contributing to company success, the clinic stands as a beacon of excellence in maritime healthcare. Equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment and an advanced clinic information system, Nordic Medical prioritizes accuracy and integrity in medical results while minimizing human error through streamlined processes.

Moreover, Nordic Medical goes beyond mere pre-boarding health checks, actively promoting and maintaining seafarers’ health onboard ships. With a commitment to understanding the unique needs of customers and seafarers, the clinic aims to revolutionize maritime healthcare by leading and teaching healthy lifestyles. Through proactive health management and personalized health education, Nordic Medical seeks to become the industry leader, driving positive change and setting new standards in maritime health one seafarer at a time.

We Are a PEME Provider

Nordic Medical Clinic is at the forefront of providing seafarers and maritime partners with pre-employment medical examinations (PEME). With a profound commitment to ensuring the health and safety of those navigating the seas, our clinic meticulously assesses the fitness of individuals embarking on maritime journeys. Our comprehensive PEME protocols encompass a thorough evaluation of physical fitness, medical history, and essential medical tests tailored to the unique demands of maritime life. Anchored in our dedication to excellence, Nordic Medical Clinic meets and exceeds industry standards, fostering trust among seafarers and maritime partners.

We Are A Lifestyle Coach

At Nordic Medical Clinic, our commitment extends far beyond conducting medical procedures. We take pride in offering a holistic approach to healthcare for seafarers and maritime partners. By offering ongoing support and guidance, we ensure that the well-being of seafarers remains a top priority, long after they have set sail.

We Are Doctors and Educators

At Nordic Medical Clinic, we’re dedicated to educating and empowering seafarers. We believe that fostering health literacy is crucial for everyone’s well-being, especially in the maritime setting. Doctors, rooted in the Latin word for “teacher,” play a vital role beyond treating illnesses—they educate and guide, promoting overall health and vitality.

We Are Maritime Healthcare Partner

Nordic Medical Clinic supports seafarers in staying healthy and resilient, making them better able to handle the challenges of maritime life. Healthy crew members tend to remain onboard longer, promoting stability, teamwork, and productivity among the crew.


Fast and Efficient

Fast and Efficient Service

Efficient PEME appointments completed within 2-4 hours, with results promptly delivered within 24 hours.

Dedicated in house medical doctors

Dedicated in house medical doctors

NMC’s in-house medical doctors are available to provide personalized discussions of PEME results to seafarers.

No extra cost

No extra cost

No out-of-pocket expenses for seafarers on their first repeat tests.

Holistic Health Education

Holistic Health Education

Patients can access health and wellness materials, instructional videos, and post-video examination resources.



Shore and Sea employees can connect with healthcare professionals via phone, video calls, or online messaging for medical consultations, accessing convenient and reliable healthcare services remotely.