Nordic Medical Clinic’s First Scientific Research

Congratulations to Dr. Margarita Huerte, Director of Medical Operations at Nordic Medical Clinic, for her presentation of the clinic’s first scientific research, which has garnered international acclaim. This significant achievement was published in the International Maritime Health Journal and was presented at the 16th International Symposium on Maritime Health held last October 4-8, 2023, in Athens, Greece.
The study revealed that nearly half of the seafarers have a higher health risk classification (48.16%), with a direct correlation between age and higher rank and position of the seafarer. This is the first study of its kind and magnitude in Maritime Medicine worldwide.
The Nordic Medical Clinic’s research underscores the need for holistic and tailored medical assessments designed explicitly for seafarers. Such assessments should consider various factors, including job role, vessel type, voyage duration, contract length, and work location. Furthermore, the study advocates for implementing health strategies that are finely tuned to meet seafarers’ distinctive occupational and personal needs.
Congratulations, Nordic Medical Clinic Doctors, for the accomplishment!